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About Kenya

KenyaKenya is located in the East Africa region of Africa and takes its name from the famous Mount Kenya. Kenya is a country that has a rich diversity of climate, nature resources and wildlife. The Kenya people are also diverse in their habitats with rich cultures and traditions.

The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi. The other cities are Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, Meru, Thika and Kakamega.

Kenya grows the best tea and the best coffee in the world and exports a lot of Roses and other flowers to Europe.

It is very safe country to travel in and there are very few incidents involving tourists. Many famous people visit Kenya or have homes here. Kenya is subscribes against sexual exploitation of children and has extradiction agreement with several countries against offenders.

The main attractions in Kenya are its beaches, game parks and very friendly people. It is easy to travel to and from Kenya and within Kenya. Communication systems are good and of international standards.



Kenya is linked to very many destinations in the world.Jomo Kenyatta international Airport in Nairobi is the main airport for scheduled international flights. Other international flights are Moi International Airport in Mombasa, Eldoret International airport in Eldoret and Kisumu Airport in Kisumu which handle regular domestic flights between the airports. Wilson airport in Nairobi also handles light aircrafts and scheduled and domestic chartered flights. Most large game parks have landing strips for small aircraft.


CommunicationCommunication mobile phones and email

Mobile phones are used in Kenya and work everywhere except a few very remote areas. Internet is available every where. Telephone services are provided by Safaricom Airtel, Orange and you. You can use roaming facilities for further information.

All hotels offer email facilities. If you want you can buy a modem for your computer from the phone companies and be online all the time by recharging. This is very cheap and is recommended.


Paul TergatPeople of Kenya

People of Kenya are known for there friendliness. All over you will find helpful friendly people. Kenya is the home to the famous Maasai people. There are 42 tribes in Kenya with diversity, unity and harmony amongst its people who come from the Cushitic, Bantus and the Nilotic groups as well people of Asians, Europeans and Arabs origin. Kenyan people are normally farmers or pastoralists or business people. 60 % of Kenyans have basic Education because it is free.


Maasai PeopleLanguage

Kenya is welcoming country and the first word a visitor will hear is ' jambo' which means ‘hello’.Kenya’s official language is English and Kiswahili is the national language. Most people in the urban areas speak English. All people who have been to school speak English. While vast majorities in both urban and rural speak Kiswahili. If you require translator or guide who can speak special language you can enquire for one. Many people speak German and Italian and French especially in the coast.



Kenya is an equatorial country so there is little variation in the weather throughout the year. The weather is generally good and pleasant all year round. February and March are the hottest months while the coldest periods are July and August.

In the highlands it is quite cool and warm clothing is required. The weather at the coast region is generally humid and hot with temperatures ranging from 21 degrees to 32 degrees centigrade.


Time Zone

The standard time zone in Kenya is GMT + 3hours. Daylight hours are 12 hours.




Kenya AirwaysTransport

The road network is well developed and extensive with efficient road transport systems.Well established bus companies with comfortable coaches travel from town to town. There are also numerous taxis’ services within the towns and cities. Visitors can bring their cars to Kenya if they wish but will be required to change the foreign registration within3 months and pay duty if staying longer. East African registered vehicles are exempt. You can purchase most European models in Kenya from new or secondhand stores.


Visa Requirements

Visitors coming to Kenya from outside east Africa require a visa. Full details are available at all Kenya based foreign missions in other countries.




Kenya Tourist PoliceSafety

Kenya is a safe country. We have a well organized security agencies and a special tourist police to help tourists. Most hotels in Kenya keep safes in the rooms or the hotel itself for valuables. When walking around, it is advisable not to walk alone in isolated places and in back streets during the day and night. Avoid valuable jewelry while walking around the towns or crowded and isolated areas.  Link to telephone no. police. Link to security companies and vip security firms.


Karen HospitalHealth

There is no yellow fever in Kenya and the most important precaution is against Malaria. Please visit WHO site for latest update on Vaccinations. Yellow fever vaccine is advised be taken before visiting Kenya especially for those who intend to visit Zanzibar Tanzania or Uganda. Prophylactics should be taken to prevent malaria two weeks before arriving in the country and 2weeks after leaving the country.




Electricity in Kenya is supplied with 220/240 volts AC. Plugs used here are 3 and 2 square pins.





Kenyan CurrencyCurrency

The unit currency is Kenya shillings (kshs).Bank notes are available in denominations of kshs 50, 100, 200, 50, and 1000kshs while kshs 1, 5, 10, 20 and 40 are in coins. There are numerous banks around the country as well as exchange bureaus in cities and major towns.

Most banks operate between 9am and 4pm daily and 9am to 12pm ever Saturday. The easiest currencies to exchange are the dollar, euro, and sterling pound.


Credit Cards

You can access cash or pay for goods and services using cards.  Please ask if the establishment uses cards. Major credit cards are accepted in Kenya and most ATM’s (automated Teller Machines) accept international VISA and MASTER cards. ATM’s are found at airports, bank branches, shopping malls, and petrol stations. Traveler cheques are not frequently used and have to be cashed at banks and can only be used at a few establishments.  You can keep small amounts of cash up to $1000 in your phone using the famous M-PESA system you will how ever be required to register for it. Mpesa can pay for goods anywhere.


Cross Roads ChurchReligion

The Kenyan constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Churches, mosques and temples are found in all areas of the country catering for all denominations.




CuriosArts and Crafts

The variety and diversity of the people of Kenya is beautifully reflected in the art and crafts products found in the numerous craft makers and shops throughout in main trading centers.

Kenya is famous for its kikoy’s, kiondo, arts, handicrafts of wooden and soap stone carvings, bangles, and traditions baskets which make up for exquisite and priceless souvenirs.