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Kenya has some of the best beaches in the world.There are miles of tropical  beaches with fine white sands and warm unpolluted waters, and sunny blue skies through out the year in addition to great hotels that are built next to the beach that make up the perfect compliment to a wildlife safari. The Kenyan beaches are protected by a long coral reef and are therefore safe for swimming and provided a fascinating marine life for snorkelling and diving. The beaches are uncrowded and patrolled by the tourism police and Kenya wildlife.


Beaches in Kenya

Read about the different beaches on Kenya's coast and enjoy each one on every visit.

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Accomodation in the Coast

We have a wide selection of Kenyan beach holidays hotels ranging from luxury boutique hotels, 5star hotels to private beach villas and cottages as well as low budget accommodations with access to the beach.

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Things To Do While at the Coast

Wondering what activities to do while on Kenyan beaches.Find out more about beach activities around the location you are staying.Combine your beach trip with a wildlife safari to either Tsavo,Amboseli or Shimba hills.See the famous man eaters lions,the great elephant herds of Tsavo and much more.

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Places to See While at the Coast (By Location)

Discover places to see while at the Kenyan Coast.Visit the various museums and historical sites at the coast like the famous Fort Jesus & Vasco da Gama as you learn the history of the people of the coast.

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Climate in Kenya

The climate is humid with temperatures between 22-34 and sunny all year round though with rainy spells between April and June.

How to get to the Coast

All beaches are located in  coast province that is in the coastal tourist circuit of Kenya.Mombasa is located 550 km from Nairobi and you can get there by air, road and public transport.

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  • Enjoy fine white beaches and Swim in the warm Indian ocean.
  • Explore the 5 islands of Lamu archipelago.
  • Learn the history of the old cities of the coast.
  • Kite surfing in Diani.
  • Enjoy the local Swahili dishes of the coast.


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