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Where To Stay While At The Coast Of Kenya

South CoastWhere to Stay While in South Coast

Choose from a wide range of World Class resorts, boutique hotels and star rated hotels along the south coast of Kenya.with various beaches under its belt centered around Diani Beach allow visitors to relax and enjoy this natural paradise with the best standards of accommodation, service and cuisine.The south coast also has many smaller quiet getaways such as Tiwi Beach, ideal for travellers looking for a low key break.



North Coast Where to Stay in North Coast(Mombasa)

North Coast is the most popular destination for most people coming to the Kenyan coast.There are numerous hotels and beach resorts along the beaches.





Kilifi BeachWhere to Stay While in Kilifi

There are few hotels in Kilfi,however private homes and villas are available in plenty in this beautiful place along the creek.





Watamu BeachWhere to Stay While in Watamu

This is the home to several well established resorts, and many private guesthouses.






Malindi BeachWhere to Stay While in Malindi

Get spoiled from a  wide range of world class resorts,boutique hotels,villas  and star rated hotels.







Tana RiverWhere to Stay While at Tana Delta

Not a very famous location with many people but there is a beautiful boutique camp along the tana delta where one can enjoy beauty and exclusivity.





Lamu BeachWhere to Stay While in Lamu

Lamu offers  luxurious and exclusive resorts & villas that lie hidden among the islands of Manda, Siyu, Pate and Kiwayu.



  • Enjoy fine white beaches and Swim in the warm Indian ocean.
  • Explore the 5 islands of Lamu archipelago.
  • Learn the history of the old cities of the coast.
  • Kite surfing in Diani.
  • Enjoy the local Swahili dishes of the coast.


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