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Mobile phones

Mobile phones are used in Kenya and work everywhere except a few very remote areas.Mobile Telephone services in Kenya are provided by Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu.When you land at any of the airports in Kenya, you will find mobile shops where one can purchase a phone and start making calls locally or internationally immediately.You can  purchase a phone for 20$ or more and get a Sim card and call your people back home to tell them  your safe.Airtime will be bought separately at the same telephone shops.You can use roaming facilities when leaving the country or operating within Africa.


Internet is also available every where.  All hotels offer email facilities for around 15 dollars a day or at their business centers.If you have a laptop you can you can buy a modern for your computer from the phone companies for around25$ and load airtime for 10 dollars that will give you a lot of internet access.This is a cheaper and convenient option and is recommended.