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Kisumu is a is a quiet own o the shores of  Lake Victoria and the  home to Ruma National Park, a small but attractive park with many unique species.

The most attractive feature is the lake itself where the sun shines brightly, and gentle breezes rise from the water.

In the evenings the sunsets turn the water to gold, as the local fisherman in their boats pull in their nets and slowly turn for home.

The lakeside city is one of the country's best-kept secrets.


Things to see & do while in Kisumu

•        Kisumu Impala Sanctuary - home to the impala, Velvet monkey, Olive baboon, hippo, the endangered Sitatunga antelope, birds and reptiles.

•        The Bird Sanctuary - highly recommended for ornithologists .It is a natural breeding ground for egrets, storks, herons and cormorants.

•        Hippo Point - famous for breathtaking sunsets over Lake Victoria, the world's second largest freshwater lake and the source of the Nile River

•        Ndere Island National Park - enjoy unbridled views crocodiles, hippos, impalas that grace the verdant.

•        Kisumu Museum - learns about the Luo people's culture such as art, crafts, food and even a homestead.

•        Kit Mikayi –T ake pictures of the unique rock formation christened the "weeping rocks” and the amateur climbing opportunities it offers.

•        Nyang'oma Kogelo - The Lake Victoria city's latest claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of Barrack Obama Senior, father to the US President. The older Obama was born in  village on the shores of Lake Victoria.


Where to stay while in Kisumu

Rusinga Island Lodge

Kiboko Bay Resort

Imperial Hotel

Sunset Hotel


How to get to Kisumu

Kisumu is 355km (221 miles) from Nairobi. You can get here in about 6 hours by bus and overnight by train.

Several airlines such as Kenya Airways, Fly 540, Jet Link and East African Safari Air operate daily scheduled flights to Kisumu Airport.