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Where can you find the most trophied fish in the world in one place?? Fishing is in Kenya is becoming a very popular with both professionals and fishing lovers coming all the way to Kenya to try their luck at the Kenyan coast, the Aberdares and at the Lake Victoria.

Kenya is fortunate in having superb fishing almost all the year.

Some of the fish found in Kenya’s waters include:-Billfish Striped Marlin  Black Marlin Blue Marlin  Broadbill Sailfish Shortbill Spearfish Tuna  Tiger Shark  Mako Shark  Giant Trevally  Kingfish  Dorado  Wahoo  Barracuda  Kenya Association of Sea Angling Clubs.

Some of the most exhilarating and challenging deep sea fishing is available in the blue waters of Shimoni and you have a better chance of catching a Striped Marlin from the Pemba Channel than anywhere else in the world.

Where to Fish In Kenya


Fishing in the highlands'

The Kenyan highland streams are well stocked with trout, which were imported early in the twentieth century by British settlers. A few local fishing associations are still active and the usual rule about seasons and licenses applications.

Fishing in the Lakes

Kenya also has two of Africa's great lakes, being Victoria (second in size only to Lake Superior) and Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolph). Here one can catch the Nile perch.

Fishing in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean offers excellent sport fishing opportunities. Fishing enthusiasts have the chance to land an impressive tally of species including sailfish, marlin, swordfish, barracuda and shark.

Kenya's superb stretch of offshore coral reef, with its deepwater drop-offs is ideal for near shore angling in Watamu, Malindi and Diani.

There are numerous resorts that are popular along the coast for deep sea fishing lovers who want to partake in the sport.