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Thursday, 08 November 2012 14:00


Written by  Sofia
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4th November 2012

Dear All,

The good news is that the sailfish have arrived in very large numbers off Malindi but the bad news is that they have been extremely difficult to catch which has been driving anglers, skippers and crew crazy!! The main reason for the fish being so difficult to raise let alone hook is that there are tones of white bait and sardines for them to feed on. We are seeing amazing sights of up too 30 sailfish “balling” up sardines and sedately feeding on them. Sailfish feeding on balls of white bait or sardines has got to be one of the most incredible spectacles to witness out at sea. The way they round up the tiny fish into big balls like a sheep dog working sheep is mesmerizing. They then take their turns one by one to dart into the middle of the ball and get their fair share of the loot, at the same time not disturbing the perfectly round shape of masses of tiny fish. Within minutes what was once a very large ball of fish is turned into nothing as the sailfish annihilate the trapped sardines with such precision. It is not difficult to see why the fish are so hard to raise to the baits when they have such delicacies on the menu. What tends to happen is that when the fish first move into the area they are very hard to catch as there is so much food for them but as time goes by and the food becomes less they get easier to catch. In the last few days a lot more fish have been raised than at the beginning of the week so hopefully catch returns will get better and better.


On the weather front we have had good rain in the last couple of days which is very good as the ground was drying up fast. The wind is slowly turning in to the east which is normal for this time of year. It should hold in the east for a few weeks more and then by mid December it will blow predominantly from the north east and hopefully bring in lots of marlin!


On the 25th October Sean and Wembridge, long time anglers from the UK had a good day on Neptune, 3 sailfish, 4 wahoo, 10 tuna and a dorado was the final tally at the end of the day. Con, Nick and Don Jooste were out fly fishing on Eclare but unfortunately they didn’t mange to hook the fish they raised.


On the 27th Neptune and Snowgoose had fishermen from South Africa who had come to take part in the 19th edition of the Driftwood Big Game Fishing Extravaganza. The Extravaganza is organized by Basil Hill from Natal every year and this year we had five teams in total. Next year we are hoping for an extra large and special tournament as it will be the 20th anniversary of the extravaganza. Neptune had a good day with 5 sailfish and Snowgoose had 2 to get the guys into the spirit for the days to come.


The Extravaganza started in earnest on the 29th with three of our boats and Tarka and Unreel making up the five boats. Although all game fish count the extravaganza is primarily a billfish tournament. Tina started brilliantly and by 10 am she had tagged and released 3 sailfish. They added another one at midday to finish with a total of four while Tarka finished with a flurry and bagged three in the last couple of hours. Unreel 2, Neptune 1 and Eclare 1 is how it finished up at the end of the day. All boats saw a lot of fish feeding and jumping but getting them to the baits was a different story!


The 30th was the toughest day of the four with only two sailfish being caught in total; one each for the teams on Neptune and Eclare.

On the 31st there were a total of seven caught as the frustration of seeing fish everywhere continued. Skippers were trying everything from live baiting sardines to rigging on extra thin nylon but the fish just didn’t want to know!


On the 1st November which was the last day of the tournament there was a total of 4 sailfish caught to bring the overall tally to 24. The winning team was the Zabras , followed by the Jiggers and Sharamuts respectively. The winning boat was Unreel which pipped Tina by 6 points. Apart from the sailfish playing hard to get it was yet again a successful tournament and thanks must go to Basil for organizing everything, to Roger at the Driftwood where everybody stayed and to Charles and the staff at the Malindi sea fishing club where the anglers weighed in every evening. We look forward to an extra special extravaganza next year.


As is so often the case after a tournament the fish became easier to raise the day after! Neptune, fishing with Peter and Felix Wolf caught 5 sailfish and Snark with Eric Onderwater and Gert de Jong had 4 and a wahoo. Both boats reported a lot more raised and lost. Snowgoose was out with Phil Mattias and Mark and although they didn’t get any sailfish they had quite a few small fish.


Yesterday Snowgoose was the only boat fishing and in the morning they must have wondered what they were doing out there as it poured with rain most of the day. Their endurance paid off however and they returned with thirteen sailfish! Hopefully this is the start of great things to come and we are going to experience some amazing fishing in the next few weeks.

Nick Conway (Director)

Fish & Safari Kenya

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Web Site: www.fishandsafarikenya.com


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