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Wednesday, 20 June 2012 07:22

Enashipai Resort (Rift Valley on the South Side of Lake Naivasha off Mai Mahiu Road)

Written by  Duara Safaris
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We went there for the annual Kenya Association of Physicians conference. Our conference was held in a tent at the lakeside – a welcome change from conference rooms so (if you we overwhelmed one could sleep on the grass).

If you don’t want to walk the 150 meters  to the conference they take you there on a golf cart. The conference tent is just adjacent to the lake so you can sneak and go for a boat ride during your deliberations.

Enashipai  has two kind of rooms the- old  rooms  okayish  kind of small  but the new rooms are so nice … they are huge… and the top floors have this shower which is open to the sky  so that you kind of shower out side-. A hot  shower in the cold drizzle outside  is  an out of this world sensation.

The hotel is still undergoing some development. I think they are increasing those nice kind of rooms but the basic hotel is complete.  They have a heated swimming pool  (posh)and an incomplete gym or spa or something like that. The bar is great very  cosy  and softly lit and their main dining room is a  just a dining room. They have another  private dining room as well  for smaller groups –very nice.

The swimming pool area is great to relax catch some sun or have some snacks. Talking of snacks they have a great ala carte snack menu very reasonably priced but what delighted me was their hot chocolate. First it is so delicious and hot and then  it comes in a BIG mug with two tasty  cookies. In general their food is great their buffet is very nice and their breakfast is very good. They are so clean that they polish the outside walkways (they are slippery watch out - I slid and fell but luckily am fat so I bounced).

Things to do and places to see  around the hotels include flower farms, Hell’s gate, Mount Longonot, another mountain – whose name escapes me and of course boat  a ride around  the lake. I hear there is a great variety of birds I saw  some of them  but since I didn’t know what they are called.

It’s a great place to go for 2-3 days. Highly recommended.

This weekend we are going to go to the Royal Reserve at Kikambala and stay at a cottage will tell you how that is like later. I also intend to go to the Black Marlin( Kilifi) and see the progress of their dialysis unit. Black Marlin is going to have a state of the art dialysis unit  at the beach so that those who need dialysis will be able to go on holiday and dialyze  without stepping into a hospital. It is a small outfit and it is linked to another establishment coming up at the Mara also with a dialysis unit and incase things get elephant to the Mombasa Hospital Dialysis unit. Book through Duara.

Dr. Esther Getambu

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