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Lamu Cultural Festival



The annual Lamu Cultural Festival has been a celebration of the unique Swahili heritage of the Lamu and is a celebration of the beliefs and traditions that are the heart and soul of the Lamu community.

Lamu comes to life during the annual Lamu Cultural Festival where several competitions and races are staged during this week long festival. Other activities include traditional Swahili poetry, Henna painting, Bao competition.

Dhow races are also held where the  finest dhows are selected to compete, and race under sail through a complicated series of buoys, combining speed with elaborate tacking and maneuvering skill.

Other events include swimming, and at times a challenging cross country race along the waterfront, all the way to Shela village and back- all in the physically draining heat of the day.

The donkey race is the most anticipated race where local donkey jockeys show off  their riding skills for this event

Who can particpate:Anyone

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