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Getting Around In Kenya

Car Hire

One can hire a car on request so long as a valid international license can be provided. In Kenya people drive on the right hand side. Chauffer driven vehicles can also be arranged on request. Car models vary from saloon cars to high end 4by 4’s and luxury vehicles. Other specialised on road vehicles are available on request .

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Chauffer driven Mini vans are the preferred mode of transport within the parks and for long safaris and available with a tour guide.


There many firms that provide taxi services. It is recommended that visitors take taxis from the hotel or call a company.


There are various types of boats for hire from basic rides along the beaches or lakes, to deep sea fishing boats and glass boats to watch fish.

Aircraft/ Air Travel

The national airline of Kenya is Kenya Airways that flies to major destinations in Africa, Europe, and China .There are private charter flights from Europe that fly to Kenya frequently. Major airlines like Virgin Atlantic, British Airlines, and Qatar Airlines all fly into Kenya frequently.  Private charter can also go to the Mara and various destination.

Public Transport

If you choose to use public transport matatus are 14 seater vehicles that normally operate in most towns and places in Kenya. These are public means of transport that most people use and are readily available.  Intercity buses are available for travel between towns. City buses also operate but only in Nairobi.

There is an overnight train that operates between Mombasa and Nairobi a couple of times a week and is a lovely experience. The train requires booking.

Design your tour

Duara specializes in personalized tours for its clients. We assist our client’s plan their dream holidays while considering individuals tastes and interests. We can recommend fixed tours for persons prefer who that. If you do design your tour Duara will help you make confirmations and payment and assist you to make it a hassle free holiday. Travel across borders needs special arrangements.

Fixed tours packages

Duara has a few fixed packaged circuit tours for those who want a fixed package. All fixed packages may vary depending on the season. These packages are designed to suit various tastes for the client. The client may choose to go alone or in a group.