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Security in Kenya

Safety and Security in Kenya

Please always contact your hotel immediately and advice them of the incident and they will normally have special arrangement to help you.

If you commit a crime please contact your hotel and Duara Legal AID on duty who will assist you at a predetermined fee and help you contact your embassy.

Please note that crimes involving drugs and child sex tourism will not be assisted by most establishments including Duara Safaris. Kenya has extradiction agreement on child sex offenders.

VIP security

VIP security can be arranged. Visit Duara VIP security If you need to come with your own security please note that you cannot import firearms without prior authorization. Please consult your embassy or the Kenya embassy in your country for further details.


Wildlife is wild life no matter how tame they look never go near wild animals and obey all park rules.

Toilet stops

Ask your driver to let you know where there are toilet stops you cannot just stop anywhere when yoru travelling by road.

Interaction with people Kenyans are generally very helpful and kind people. However universal precautions in dealing with strangers must be observed especially in the cities. Let someone know if you are going out on your own and if you need a guide to take you around enquire about vetted local guides. Beach boys are generally safe to interact with because they have self regulatory systems but if you are warned against anyone stay away. Avoid buying tours and safaris from beach boys or at least check with your hotel and let them keep a copy of their identification card.

All persons carry identification cards which help to identify them and trace them in case of need. Every Kenyan over 18years is registered by the national registration bureau. This is not the case for Ugandans and Tanzanians and Ethiopians. Avoid interactions with them unless you know them well.

Driving yourself

It is generally safe o drive yourself but drivers in Kenya drive badly and matatus flout road rules so always be on the lookout. In case of breakdown contact garages Duara nearest garages or most towns will have mechanics who can do simple jobs. Please note that some areas are very unsafe o stop and avoid stopping there see advice on dangerous road stops. Do not stop to buy anything unless other cars are stopping there. In case of carjacking just give up the vehicle and do not resist.