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Weddings & Honeymoons

Kenya's is an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination including white sandy beaches, small islands, forests and national parks. In Kenya you can find stunning locations and idyllic beaches where one can have a wedding or come and enjoy a honeymoon.

Whether your looking for a classic romantic honeymoon destination or something more active; Duara Safaris will provide plenty of choice destinations for you to say ‘I do’ to your true love.

How to Get Married in Kenya

Weddings in exotic locations are becoming increasingly popular. Kenya is now one of the most favourite wedding locations. The beauty of Kenya is that it offers you diversity. You could also have a honeymoon safari in Kenya thereafter. Requirements needed to get married in Kenya

A full birth certificate.

A valid 10-year passport.

A valid Kenyan tourist permit obtained either from the Kenyan High Commission or on your arrival.

An affidavit declaring single status authorised by a notary or solicitor declaring eligibility for marriage. A handwritten declaration will not be accepted.

If divorced you will need to present a Decree of Absolute having been stamped by the courts.

If widowed a spouses death certificate and previous marriage certificate will need to be presented.

If you have changed your name by Deed Poll or you were adapted, proof of this needs to be presented having been authenticated by a notary or solicitor.

If either of you are under 21 years of age you will need written consent from your parents or guardians, in the form of an affidavit authorised by a notary or a solicitor When you have these documents, you will then need to file a notice of marriage at Sheria House. There is a 21 day wait for your marriage license. If you are not able to wait this long you can apply for a special license. On the marriage day, you will require two witnesses if you do it at the registry. If you chose to do it elsewhere, you will need a special license and the two witnesses must be present through out the ceremony.

Types of Weddings Ceremonies

Cultural Weddings

You can have a cultural wedding in Kenya if you prefer. Maasai wedding are famous requests for tourists.

Modern Weddings

These are weddings that may be held in churches, hotels or specific locations and presided by a priest or a legal officer from the Registrars office.

Civil Weddings

Here the registrar will be called to proceed over the wedding as the couple say II do. A fee is paid for the registrar to come to a location outside the Attorney General’s office. However proper planning and all legal documents have to be available before hand. Duara safaris can organise all legal logistics for the wedding on request.

Wedding Locations

A wedding can also be hosted in a 5 star city hotel with all the glamour anyone can imagine. A wedding can also be held in the country side surrounded partly by the tradition and culture of that community. Be it a civil, traditional or a religious wedding, a wedding in Kenya is bound to be as stress-free and as hassle-free as anyone can wish for. Kenya has a wide range of wedding locations. You can have a wedding right inside wilderness amid the lions and elephants. One can also have a wedding in the sandy white beaches of the Kenya coast. There are various wedding locations in Kenya that would provide the perfect setting to say “I Do”. To have your dream wedding you can choose from the various Scenic locations all in Kenya and enjoy the most important day of your life.

Choose your Scenic Safari through Kenya









How to Get There

The venues and locations listed above are reachable through road or air.Duara safaris will make arrangements for you and your loved ones to get to your destinations by planning all the logistics for transport, accommodation and also ensure that the wedding goes as planned.


Kenya has established malls and suppliers to make your dream weddings come true. Whether it’s that special dream or that special cake, Duara Safaris will help you find it. We advice the guest to come with all their attire if possible and anything specific that may not be easy to get. We have listed wedding portals websites fro wedding suppliers to help you choose the things you may need. Duara Safaris can then purchase them on your behalf fro that special day.

Wedding Suppliers & Organisers

Duara Safaris helps one plan their perfect day by coordinating activities with professional wedding planners and suppliers.