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Team Building, Team Challenge

Central to most team building concepts is the ability to take a group of individuals with a range of strengths and create a team. Working with your team to build teamwork is central to developing an effective team.

To help develop a team, you may want to get your group together and do some team building activities to build a shared understanding of what you as a team understands as teamwork.

It may also be valuable to use the benefits of teamwork activity to work out how the teamwork you have defined will help deliver the results expected of the team.

Some general team concepts practiced by team building organisers include:-

Build and focus on teamwork values

Clarify how things are done in the team

Identify clear roles in the team and support the team in fulfilling them

Encourage participation

Manage conflict by open fair problem solving approaches

Ensure communication is effective

Clarify individual agendas and how they fit with the teams goals


Team Building Locations

Find where to take your team for team building locations in Kenya

Team Building Activities

Find where to take your team for team building activities in Kenya

Teams Organisers

There are team building companies in Kenya who are capable of designing a team building package for your teams depending on your companies’ objectives.