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Maulidi Festival in Lamu

Lamu magical historical town at the coast known for its narrow roads and beautiful old Arab buildings. Maulidi festival is an Islamic festival held every year held during the third month of the Muslim calendar to celebrate the birth of the prophet Mohammed.

The Maulidi festival is the religious component (the Maulidi) which is the celebration of Prophet Muhammad birthday.

The Maulidi festival takes place in the heart of Lamu which is located in the coastal province of Kenya.

The Maulidi Festivals in March is a religious event while the Maulidi Festivals in October is a celebration event.

This religious festival has its originals in Egypt in the 8th Century, but the unique East African festival is said to have been established in Lamu in 1866. Maulidi in Lamu takes several different forms, but at the core is a joyous and devotional festival that strengthens the communities’ cultural unity.

Maulidi takes place in the early October. Festivals start in the afternoon around the Riyadha Mosque. Dances and prayers held during the nights and chants until dawn. Visitors on the island are welcome to watch and enjoy the Maulidi festivals .the festivals include several activities :- dancing, prayers, singing, board games, poetry, henna painting, Koran recitals, annual dhow race, swimming races, football matches, cross country runs, and lastly the main event of donkey racing along the narrow streets.

Visit Lamu during this colourful event whether as a tourist or a Muslim on a religious tour!

Where to Stay In Lamu

There are various forms of accommodation in Lamu. From Lamu Hotels and private homes to boutique accommodation.

For accommodation bookings, Duara can arrange for your wonderful stay and experience in Lamu during the Maulidi festivals.

There are various accommodation options from budget to boutique stays in Lamu.

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Festive program

The festive season in Lamu takes a whole 4 days every year. There are numerous activities in the events programs that are likely to fill your day.

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There are no shops in Lamu so it is advisable to carry all the supplies needed before starting your trip. Small shops can be found which sell basic things like water, snacks and other basic household goods.

How to Get Around in Lamu

There are no vehicles on Lamu. The winding streets of the towns are best explored on foot. Shela village and the beaches are also accessible by foot. Alternatively dhows regularly carry paying passengers back and forth from Lamu town to Shela. To access the surrounding islands of Manda, Pate or Siyu, either take an organized Dhow Safari or for the adventurous traveller, just hitch a ride on a passing dhow and explore. It is also possible to hire donkeys to ride around the island.


How to Get To Lamu

You can fly to Manda or Kiwayu Island and take a boat across Lamu or travel by Bus and then take a boat to Lamu. You can book your flights directly or allow Duara to help plan your transport to the Island.

Lamu is best accessed by air. There are scheduled flights daily from Nairobi, Mombasa, Diani Beach and Malindi. The island is serviced by an airstrip on neighbouring Manda Island. The strip can also be used by private charters. A dhow ferries arriving passengers to either Lamu town or Shela. Many yachts also come to Lamu, often sheltering in the channel near Shela.



Things to do While in Lamu

Places To See While in Lamu