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Marathons in Kenya

Kenya is a great sporting country with great athletics that are world renowned.Try out the local marathon events that are held annually for various courses.Run with the best athletes in Kenya while giving back to the society. Read more



High Altitude Training Centers

High Altitude Training Training Camps

Kenya is known to have some of the best runners in the world. With this, high training centres and camps were established by some local investors and former runners to help harness younger runner to winners in this sport.Come and discover the source of Kenya’s athletic power and run with Kenya’s stars as you enjoy the breathtaking scenic views and local safaris. Read more


Rhino ChargeThe Rhino Charge

The Rhino Charge is a 4WD annual off road motorsport competition held annually in Kenya's wilderness. Experience the only off road motor show event, favouring engineering, endurance &navigational skills over speed. Read more





Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in Kenya after the world renowned marathon runners.Kenya is one of the most successful rugby teams from Africa. Watch the various local and international teams compete at the KRFU grounds almost every weekend. Read more



Safari RallyThe Safari Rally

Kenya hosts some of the most exciting rallies around. Enjoy the KCB Rally & The East African Safari Classic held annually with several competitions held throughout the year.Watch this exciting sport at various locations in Kenya and enjoy rallying in some of the most difficult terrains in the world. Read more


Motor CrossMotor Sports Calendar

There are numerous motor sports events held annually throughout the year.If you are intrested in Motor cross or the rallies,find out more on where to go watch the local high speed motor sports competitions in Kenya.Read more on Motor Sports Calendar





  • Practice your marathon with the Kenya’s athletes.
  • Experience the annual rhino charge.
  • Show off your classic car at the annual car show.
  • Participate in the Lewa Marathon.
  • Watch the toughest safari rally in the world.


Advert- Rhino Charge

Rhino Charge

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