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High Altitude Training

High Altitude Training CentreHigh Altitude Training Centres in Kenya

Come train with Kenyan stars with impressive records

Kenya accounted for 11 of the top 15 runners of the world marathons and 4 out of six top 6 in the world’s half marathons.

Kenyan runners continue to evolve into increasingly professional sports since 1960’s.

With the likes of the legendary Kipchoge Keino and Henry Rono decades ago who set the standards of running high, Kenya continues to be a power House of unbeatable champion athletes and runners.

Several high altitude runners across the world seek to come and discover the source of Kenya’s athletic power.

Numerous international troops also train in an annual victuals.

There are numerous training camps that provide everything an athlete needs for training:-quality accommodation, conference facilities, modern gyms all of which are good training grounds for the best runners’ world wide.

Come and run with Kenya’s stars as you enjoy the breathtaking scenic views.

Come train with the stars. Duara Safaris provides tailor made arrangements for athletes who want to sample training in Eldoret.


Why Join a Training Camp in Kenya

Receive affordable world-class training.

Get Enhanced individualized coaching practices.

Get group training environment.

Get access to a world class training facility.

Learn the cultures of the Kenyan people through cultural exchange programmes within the athletic fraternity.


Training Camps In Kenya

There are various training camps in Kenya; a few famous training camps are situated in Kenya in the main highlands.

Kenya is known to have some of the best runners in the world. With this, high training centres and camps were established by some local investors and former runners to help harness younger runner to winners in this sport.



High Altitude Training Centre

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High Altitude Training Centres

Kipkeino High Performance Training Camp

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March Camp

March Camp

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Duma Training Camp

Duma Training Camp

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  • Practice your marathon with the Kenya’s athletes.
  • Experience the annual rhino charge.
  • Show off your classic car at the annual car show.
  • Participate in the Lewa Marathon.
  • Watch the toughest safari rally in the world.


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