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Places To See By Theme


Educational Safaris

Duara educational safaris provide safe, fun and enjoyable learning experiences to students from all age groups and schools.Be it Geographical, Cultural, Historical, or just plain Adventure, Duara safaris can design a unique programme that fits your needs.


Wildlife SafarisWildlife Safaris

No other country can boast of the variety of wildlife and scenic features of Kenya. Discover a place that captures all the natural wonders of the world in one dynamic animal kingdom.Home to an abundance of natural attractions and the Big 5.


Scenic SafarisScenic Safaris

Take this special scenic safari through Kenya and discover views and vistas beyond your wildest dreams. A safari through Kenya will take you through a world of astonishing contrasts, all within the borders of a single country.

Cultural SafarisCultural Safaris

The best way to understand another culture is to experience it’s firsthand. Tourists are now seeking cultural experience of the people of the different countries. In Kenya diversity is a source of wealth. Kenya’s long history is reflected in its cultural diversity. Kenya has 42 cultures with different languages. Experience cultural diversity with its deep roots.


Historical SafarisHistorical Safaris

Kenya's history dates back many centuries. Dr Leakey found a skull near Lake Turkana that is dated 2.5 million years old. The initial tribal groups developed their own religions, traditions, and ruling systems.


Specialist SafarisSpecialist Safaris

Whether its bird watching, agro tourism, historical, adventure and fishing. Whatever your interest are let Duara plan your dream safaris for you.Design your own tour by planning your dream safari and ensure it is perfectly catered for. In Kenya there is something for everyone.




  • Dance with the Maasai Warriors.
  • Try out the Nairobi safari walk.
  • Learn about the cultures and traditions attach at Ngomongo Village.
  • Shop at The Famous Maasai Market.
  • Visit the local tea farms and try out the best tea in the world.


Advertisement - Horse Riding at Sangare Tented Camp

Horse Ridimg At Sangare Ttented Camp

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