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Travel tips

How to Get to Kenya

Kenya’s national airline carrier ‘Kenya Airways’ flies to many destinations in Africa, Europe and Asia. Kenya also receives many International airlines and private charter planes to and from the country. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is in Nairobi and offers 24hour services. It hosts currency exchange shops, bars, restaurants.

Visas & Passports

All Visitors must have a valid passport.Visas are required by everyone except people from the Commonwealth countries except Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Customs regulations

Personal effect may be temporarily imported for free. Items that will be admitted for free but must be declared include:-250gm of tobacco or equivalent in cigarettes (200) or cigars (50); one litre of perfume and one litre of alcohol.

What to Bring

Apart from Cameras and binoculars for viewing game, no equipment is necessary unless you intend to play golf or go fishing. However these equipments can also be rented locally in the various golf and fishing clubs.

What to Wear

Light and casual wardrobes are recommended for both beach and safari wear. Safari clothes and boots are readily available throughout Nairobi and are very reasonably priced.

Getting Around In Kenya

By Air

There are many airlines that fly into Kenya frequently from various countries. Local airlines that travel to various parts of Kenya are also available for those who wish to fly.

By Rail

Train travel is quite a good experience. The main lines ran from Mombasa to Nairobi. The trains are old fashioned sleepers and the dining cars were once reminiscent of the old world elegance of the first settlers.

By Bus

Buses are readily available in Nairobi along the city centres.One should be careful when getting on or off buses in case to avoid petty theft. There are long haul buses that travel within the country that good and open to tourists.

Recommended Long Haul Buses:-

  • Modern Coast
  • Coast Bus
  • Horizon Bus

By Taxi

There are many taxi companies that are available at the airport. They are normally painted yellow and all their vehicles have drivers with identifications. Some taxis also have offices at the airports.

Recommended taxi Companies:-

  • Kenatco

International driving licenses are accepted in Kenya. However visitors who want to drive themselves should be aware of where they are going. When parking safe and secure parking places should be identified to avoid common petty theft. Do not leave any bags or items in the car that may call attention of thieves like electronic etc.